Painting Holiday in France

Southern France


Painting at Rennes Le Chateau

Painting trips to Le Monastere in Limoux, Southern France: check their website at:

You can join the group to paint with or without instruction and spouses are welcome. Any water based media is permissable on this trip including water soluble oils. There is room for a maximum number of 12. Le Monastere is a restored medieval monastery with a 12th century wine cellar. It is a four star hotel that offers trips to artists. Home base is Limoux, a charming town built on the banks of the Aude River. The town square is within walking distance.

The area is in the Midi region of France, the area that borders Spain and reaches to the Pyrenees on the West and the Mediterranean on the east. Daily van support trips to various areas of interest will be taken to do plein air painting in your favourite medium as well as sight seeing. The furthest excursion is to Collioure on the Mediterranean – a colourful old fishing port and tourist spot.  Rennex-le-Chateau is another interesting location where ideas for the Da Vinci Code were inspired and the saga of the priest, Berenger Sauniere, who lived there and may have found treasure is also intriguing. There is studio space also at Le Monastere.

Lucy Manley will offer art instruction if desired.

Payment Schedule

The following cheques will be needed to cover deposit, final payment and instructor’s fees (Mail cheques to LE MONASTERE ADVENTURES, P.O. BOX 4222, STATION E, OTTAWA, ONTARIO, K1S 5B2):

  • Deposit $500.00 per person, current date and payable to Le Monastere Adventures
  • Final payment $3050.00 per person, dated 60 days prior to the departure date and payable to Le Monastere Adventures
  • On previous trips the Instructor Fee of $450.00 per person, dated 60 days prior to the departure date and payable to the trip instructor, Lucy Manley was required only for those interested.
  • The cost of the trip includes transfers to and from Toulouse airport


Lucy Manley, Poppies at St. Polycarp, France