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  1. Diane Daigle

    Hi Lucy,,, now that your work is getting put up here it is really looking sharp!
    I too want my own site but all in due time,,, right?
    I would really like to find a gallery interested in displaying and handling my work but don’t really know the first thing about finding one and what I need to know to protect myself and my work. I’d hate to get taken advantage of. Anyway,,, this is looking great! See you later…. :>)

  2. Carol Shaw

    Had a great time @ your art class…oct 1&2 2011. Could not keep our eyes opened when Ian & I got home.
    Did not realize that you could go through so many emotions while painting. We learnt a lot. Next time you are up in the Buckhorn/Woodview area I would very much be interested in joining your class again. Would be interested
    In winter scenes.

    Did you get home in time to let the dogs out!
    Again thank you.

  3. Barb Halstead

    Enjoyed your site .

  4. Judith Philpot

    Beautiful website. The trip to France sounds amazing!

  5. Terry & Kelly

    Hey Lucy,

    We got Kaleidoscope home safe and sound and its a terrific addition to our home and has found a prominent place in our garden room.

    Hope to come around to the studio next summer.


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